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The device requirements and points for removing the dust filter bag
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Dust filter bag device

1 Prerequisite for filter bag device

1.1 After the internal steel structure device of the electric bag composite dust collector is inspected, it is determined that there will be no air cutting, welding, etc. after the filter bag device, otherwise the filter bag will be easily burned by open flame construction.

1.2 The pipeline of the cleaning system is cleaned with compressed air to prevent the debris in the pipeline from being blown into the filter bag and damaging the filter bag.

1.3 Arrange for the filter bag after the boiler oven, flushing process, etc., to avoid a large amount of these processes.

Low temperature, high humidity, high oil fume paste After the pores of the filter bag are blocked, it is difficult to remove and add resistance.

1.4The pre-coating ash condition of the filter bag, that is, the flue system has been connected, the fan can start and stop normally, and the fly ash and ashing equipment are ready to be in place.

1.5 The compressed air circuit is dredged, the poppet valve and the bypass valve can move up and down smoothly, and the low pressure system in the bag area can work normally.

1.6 Clean and clean the interior of the clean room. Pay special attention to the oily dust on the edge of the plate hole.

The above requirements must be approved by the owner, supervisor and on-site workers before the filter bag can be installed.

2 Field Transfer, Lifting and Stacking Requirements for Filter Bags

2.1 Site Transfer, Lifting and Stacking Procedures Appropriate measures should be taken to prevent damage to the filter bag.

2.2 When lifting the filter bag, it is strictly forbidden to bundle with metal objects. The lifting process should be stable and the high-altitude loosening phenomenon should be avoided.

2.3 The amount of the filter bag is the same as the amount of the device on the day. It is necessary to dry and level the filter bag on site, and it has fireproof and rainproof conditions.

3 filter bag, bag cage device requirements

The price of the filter bag is high and easy to damage, the device requirements are high, the number of spare parts for the filter bag and bag cage is small, the procurement cycle Long, it is required to select a person with serious, detailed and responsible personnel to carry out the device. Before the filter bag or bag cage is installed, relevant construction personnel should be organized for training before they can be employed.

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