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What are the characteristics and production standards of the bag cage?
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The bag cage has many different structures at the time of manufacture, and they are often selected from galvanized anti-corrosion welding. The technology is used for processing, and the dust-removing bag cage or skeleton after galvanizing and anti-corrosion treatment is corrosion-resistant, smooth in appearance and burr-free, ensuring the service life of the dust-removing skeleton and the smooth replacement of the dust-removing bag, then how to weld the specific bag cage What about it?

1. Bag cages should have satisfactory strength, verticality and dimensional accuracy.

2. The galvanized dust removal skeleton of the product is galvanized.

3, clean the welding appearance, and then the current in the welding parameters is reduced, the welding time is increased, if the three-stage controller can be preheated, and then welded.

4. All welded joints need to be consolidated, and no de-soldering and welding leakage are allowed.

The bag cage should be treated by galvanizing after the dust-removing skeleton is welded, and the bag cage is generally selected to be fully galvanized in one time. The appearance is smooth and straight, and the burr is not caused by the burr. Damaged, uniform welding, reasonable structure, solid and durable.

The quality of the bag cage is directly related to the normal operation and application of the dust collector. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the quality standards at the time of manufacture. What is the specific standard? Next, introduce:

1. The dust collector bag requires uniform distribution of the support ring and longitudinal ribs, and should have satisfactory strength and rigidity. It can accept the gas pressure of the filter bag in the state of filtration and cleaning. It can prevent damage and deformation caused by bumps and impacts during normal transportation and installation.

2, the spring-loaded skeleton bag cage should have a satisfactory number of turns and elasticity, and the spacing should be even after the opening.

3. All solder joints should be welded and strong, and no desoldering, no soldering or no soldering is allowed.

4, the appearance of the bag cage and the filter bag should be smooth and bright, and no welding, unevenness and burrs are allowed.

5. It is necessary to carry out electroplating, spray coating or painting according to different requirements through anti-corrosion treatment. For high temperature, the corrosion resistance should be satisfactory.

In fact, in the production process of the bag cage, from the inspection of the raw materials, the self-inspection of the production line, the inspection of the inspectors, the inspection of the on-site management personnel, and the inspection of the finished products, each link must be severely Control, from the source to prevent the occurrence of defective products.

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