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A brief description of some of the precautions we have in choosing a car cap.
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Where is the car 上上帽 made to order? Is there any good way to choose a car seat cap? Many car companies don't know how to choose the car's top hat, which makes many car companies very speechless. So, how to choose the car seat cap?

How to choose materials: car seat cap, car seat cover.

How to choose:

1. Fabric selection of the cap on the car

The fabric of the cap on the car is very important. The cap on the car is in direct contact with the human body, so Fabrics must be selected, whether it is cotton, cloth, leather, imitation leather, must be selected. The choice of the style of the cap on the car: the style of the cap on the car is based on the model of the car company. It is good to choose the appropriate style. Don't follow the trend. People may not be suitable for your own car.

2. Whether the car's upper cap is printed

This depends on the needs, depending on what kind of advertising plan the advertiser has given. But what if the top shock cap of the car's front shock absorber can't be removed?

In general, if this happens, it should be the screw cap rust or the overflow buckle. In this case, you can first use the screw to loosen the liquid or drip the oil to soak it, if it can't be used only. Grinding machine cut off! However, as a transportation thing and a traveler's travel, the safety of the vehicle body is necessary to ensure the safety of the user's life. Therefore, when disassembling the car parts, there is a need for professional auto repair things, especially the front axle and rear of the car body. The wire of the bridge part is screwed with a torque wrench, so the torque wrench is also required to be disassembled when disassembling. It is common to encounter screws that are difficult to screw on during the disassembly, because the road conditions of the car are different or long-term wet. The strip causes the screw to rust and oxidize. At this moment, it is only required to spray a small amount of rust remover on the rust of the screw. After 10 seconds, the screw can be loosened. If the screw is not rusted, it may be improperly disassembled. If the screw is in the condition of the sliding wire, it is difficult to disassemble. At this moment, the screw should be screwed back to the original position in the opposite direction, so that the screw is aligned with the thread and then disassembled. This is easy to solve.

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