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Analysis of the performance characteristics of silicone bag cages and how we maintain them in our daily lives
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The fundamental structural unit of a silicone product is composed of silicon-oxygen links, and the side chains are connected to various other organic groups via silicon atoms. Therefore, in the structure of the silicone product, both the "organic group" and the "inorganic structure" are included, and this special composition and molecular structure make it combine the properties of organic matter with the function of inorganic substances. Compared with other polymer materials, the outstanding functions of silicone products are: temperature resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation function and biological characteristics.

Because of the unique structure of silicone bag cage, it combines the functions of inorganic and organic materials. It has low surface tension, small viscosity coefficient, high compressibility and excellent gas permeability. It has high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, flame retardancy, water repellency, corrosion resistance and non-toxicity. Excellent characteristics such as odorless and physiological laziness, widely used in aerospace, electrical and electronic, construction, transportation, chemical, textile, food, light industry, medical and other occupations, among which silicone is mainly used for sealing, bonding, lubrication, coating. Surface activity, demoulding, defoaming, foam suppression, waterproof, moisture-proof, lazy filling, etc. With the continuous growth of the number and variety of silicones, the application fields have been continuously expanded to form an important product system that is ingenious in the field of new chemical materials. Many varieties are indispensable and indispensable for other chemicals.

Silicone cage bags are important accessories in daily life. The quality of the cage directly affects the correct use of the staff. Therefore, in the painting operation, the following points must be done:

1. Select the coating construction method: According to the working condition of the dust collector, confirm the coating material of the bag and the coating of the bag cage. We generally use galvanized and sprayed silicone.

2, surface treatment: generally use chemical treatment to remove the oil, rust, oxide scale and other debris on the surface of the bag cage, to eliminate the factors affecting chemical bonding and polarity combination.

3, quality control of the coating process: strict supervision of the pre-treatment, construction environment, process parameters, handling, rework, etc. according to the construction process requirements of the coating, and then ensure the coating of the bag cage quality.

The production process has a great influence on the quality and performance of the bag cage. Therefore, in the production process, it must be strictly produced according to the production process requirements to ensure the quality of the product, and at the same time, it can reduce the occurrence of defective products. Then it can reduce the company's production costs.

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