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Tell the classification of high temperature filter bags and their respective performance characteristics
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In daily life, knowing the filter bag products, we know that there are many kinds of filter bags. The high temperature filter bags are a general term for filter bags.

The filter bag generally refers to a filter bag that has a temperature resistance of 200 degrees or more. High-temperature filter bags can be divided into two categories: needle felt filter bags and fiberglass filter bags.

High-temperature filter bags for needle felts, which are divided into glass fiber needle felt, Flumes needle felt, P84 needle felt, PTFE needle felt, basalt needle felt, etc. Divided into graphite fiberglass cloth, silicone oil fiberglass cloth and expanded fiberglass cloth. It is made of pure microfiber filter cloth, and it is made by fine hot melt or car, which has high temperature resistance.

The surface data of the filter bags used in high-temperature filter bags and the requirements during the planning process should be as efficient as possible, easy to dust and durable.

The high temperature filter bag is also a very important type of bag in the dust filter bag. As we said before, it is necessary and important to choose the filter bag manufacturer, then after the selection, start When using a high-temperature filter bag, you should check some of the contents first, and then use it to avoid unpredictable conditions during the operation.

Because at the beginning of the operation, first do a trial run, because the equipment may be running some conditions, such as the appearance of abnormal temperature, pressure, moisture, etc. caused by the new device.

If the temperature of the hazardous gas changes drastically, it will cause the imbalance of the fan shaft to cause an imbalance, and the operation will oscillate. Once the operation is stopped, the temperature drops sharply and then oscillates again when it is restarted. Different types of fans are selected depending on the gas temperature. The trial operation of the equipment directly affects whether it can be put into normal operation. If it is not handled properly, the bag filter may lose its effectiveness very quickly. Therefore, the test operation of the equipment must be careful and steady.

The high-temperature filter bags used should meet the general conditions and special requirements of the production conditions and dust removal process. In the process of cleaning, the filter bags should also be selected according to the primary influence factors, such as high temperature gas, corrosive gas, Flammable dust, etc. These are the key details that need to be taken care of.

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