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Analysis of the major reasons that affect the operation of dust filter bags

Several major external factors affecting the application period of dust filter bag

       In industrial dust removal and purification, because of steel, cement, power generation, waste incineration, etc. Occupational difference Differences in color and conditions of their industrial enterprises, presents a number of various factors influence dust filter bag life, general working conditions means the dust bag work rely on the external environment. What kind of material and what kind of dust filter bag should be selected depends on the working conditions, and what kind of working conditions should be selected to match the corresponding filter material. As long as this is done, the application period of the dust filter bag is very good. In industrial dust removal, the following seven factors affect the service life of the dust filter bag.

       1, smoke volume

       Because China’s raw coal is not used before According to the selected classification, many varieties are very mixed, the coal types are mixed and the content is different. Firstly, the targets such as calorific value, sulfur content and evaporation are difficult to distinguish. China's high-quality coal, such as raw coal, lean coal, white coal, etc., its calorific value can reach more than 5,000 kcal, evaporation is about 17%, the ash content is small, and the poor coal species, it can be seen that the coal species Different causes some differences in calorific value, evaporation, and amount of toner. The flue gas generated after the combustion of coal will enter the dust collector through the pipeline, which is called imported flue gas. The amount of imported flue gas will directly affect the service life of the dust filter bag.

        2, soot particles

        Because of the different types of coal selected, leading to the smoke There is a difference in the amount of dust. When the dust enters the dust collector, because the dust has different diameters and different weights, the dust with a large diameter falls down with the gravity effect or falls under the interception of the dust filter bag, while the dust with a small particle size is at the wind speed. Kinetic energy occurs under the effect. When the dust is intercepted by the dust filter bag, it is collected in the outer surface of the filter bag. At this time, the kinetic energy is converted to zero, and the impact force will be generated on the dust filter bag. Under the effect of kinetic energy, the dust will continuously wash the dust filter bag. The dust content is large, the filtering wind speed is large, the filter bag will withstand thousands of times of friction and scouring, and the outer surface fiber of the filter bag can not be washed and dropped, and the filtering power of the dust filter bag is damaged.

        3, the variety of soot

        The dust contains dust share due to different coal types In other words, dust can be classified into organic dust, inorganic dust and mixed dust according to the composition of the material. The primary analysis of inorganic dust in the flue gas is mainly SiO2, FeA, CaO, MgO, Mn and other elements. Among them, the scouring of the filter bag is mainly SiO2 and Fe203, and their particle size is very small, under the effect of wind speed. The cleaning frequency of the dust filter bag is high, and the damage degree of the filter bag is added. Coal was analyzed in the front, and the content of SiO2 and FeA in different coal types is different.

         4, temperature limit target

         temperature is One of the important goals of the dust filter bag application, the temperature unevenness directly determines the service life of the dust filter bag. Generally, the dust filter bag can be extended for a long period of time at a very good operating temperature. If the temperature is too high, the dust filter bag with relatively weak flame retardancy may easily cause burning of the bag or even fire, but when the temperature is too low, condensation and corrosion may occur. Therefore, when using a dust filter bag, the temperature is generally increased by 10 ° C ~ 20 ° C at the dew point temperature. Generally, the actual temperature of the working condition is predicted. After the sensor is tested, it is displayed on the external surface. It does not reflect the actual temperature of the dust. Therefore, when selecting, increase the temperature by 5 °C to 10 °C according to the temperature parameter provided. The application period of the filter bag.

          In short, the analysis of working conditions is difficult, there are many uncertain factors, and any change of one factor will affect the application period of the dust filter bag. In the analysis of working conditions, the demand user provides the relevant materials, which helps the producers to produce reasonably.

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