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Learn what we should pay attention to when installing the bag cage
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In order to satisfy the needs of the production of the day, the building space is gradually getting bigger, but the sanitation is a problem. If you rely on manpower to clean it, it is far behind, so There is a dust removal device, which can effectively work with its components, especially the bag cage, and its device has a great influence on the dust removal equipment. Then, when you keep the bag in the device, are you getting it? Next, let's take a look at the bag cage from the Ningxia Jinke bag cage.

1. The length of the life of the bag cage is not only the usual maintenance, but also the care of the device when it is installed. Sometimes the non-conformity of the device will also cause damage to the bag and the bag cage.

2. Before the filter bag or bag cage is installed, the plate hole should be viewed, the circumference of the plate hole and other parts that may be touched by the filter bag are polished, and the personnel entering the clean room should not be allowed to Carry small items with you. For small items such as bag cages, prevent them from falling into the hole of the flower plate or the hole of the filter bag. If you accidentally fall in, the dust bag and bag cage must be pulled out.

3, when the bag is caged, it is necessary to ensure that there are four clips for each joint of the two sections. The common method of the bag cage device is to carry out the sharding. After the good, put it down and put it on the top, and put it down to avoid missing.

4, must be handled with care, can not be rough construction, the formation of equipment damage, the plate plate device has high requirements for flatness, ensure that the overall level is ± 3mm, measure with the level and adjust, otherwise Dust bag and bag cage will easily appear as a filter bag.

The quality of the coating is critical to the quality, performance and service life of the bag. It is necessary to organize the construction and quality control in strict accordance with the coating process requirements.

1. Appearance: Generally, chemical treatment is used to remove the oil, rust, oxide scale and other impurities from the outer surface of the bag cage, and remove the factors affecting chemical bonding and polarity combination.

2, select the coating construction method: according to the working conditions of the dust collector operation to determine the coating material and bag coating of the bag, we generally choose galvanized and sprayed silicone.

3, quality control of the coating process: strict supervision of the pre-treatment, construction environment, process parameters, transfer, rework, etc. according to the construction process requirements of the coating, to ensure the coating of the bag cage quality.

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