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Explain the points that should be noted when the dust skeleton is inspected

As the rib of the bag filter, dust removal skeleton Due to the ease of installation and protection, people often neglect it when using and detecting the bag filter. However, the quality of the dust skeleton directly affects the service life of the bag filter. Therefore, there are several points to be aware of when testing the dust removal skeleton:

Whether the dust removal skeleton is fully galvanized at one time, the surface is lubricated and straight, and no burrs are generated to protect the filter bag from Damage, uniform welding, reasonable structure, sturdy and durable characteristics. The trapezoidal skeleton adopts a flat structure, the longitudinal ribs and the backing ring of the trapezoidal skeleton are evenly distributed, and have sufficient strength to avoid damage and deformation, in order to ensure the strength and appearance of the steel wire. Quality, we use φ6.5 yuan steel (pull into φ3mm), and then in the welding of the tires on the body assembly, grinding to meet the skill requirements. The trapezoidal skeleton adopts the skills of silicone spraying or galvanizing, painting, etc. The coating is firm and corrosion-resistant, which avoids the corrosion of the cage bone and the filter bag after a period of operation of the dust collector, ensuring smooth bag change and reducing the bag change process. Damage to the dust bag.

The round bag structure (external filter type) is the rib of the filter bag. It should be light and easy to install and protect. The quality of the galvanized frame directly affects the filter condition and service life of the filter bag. It is a special welding equipment for one-time welding. Its characteristics are: the welding is firm and the appearance is bright. The annual production capacity of the dust-removing skeleton of Keda Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is 1.5 million meters. The post-treatment is galvanized, silicone, sprayed, etc.

When dealing with the dust skeleton, we must also take it seriously and be sloppy. Don't make big mistakes due to some minor problems.

Ningxia Jinke Environmental Protection Filter Co., Ltd. starts from five aspects: design, development, production and manufacturing, and post-installation. Together with the service, it saves time and effort for customers' dust removal operations. Good results have truly achieved the goal of environmentally friendly dust removal.

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