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The main elements we should consider when purchasing a dust bag cage
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Dust bag cage is an indispensable accessory in the dust collector. When acquiring the dust bag cage, in addition to understanding the product scale, it is also necessary to understand the working conditions. And on-site performance parameters, in order to select the appropriate dust bag cage skeleton products, improve the product life, and reach the ambition of dust removal. According to the four factors of temperature, humidity, chemical composition, flammability and blasting possibility, the selection of the working condition parameters of the dust bag cage skeleton is introduced.

1. Temperature

The temperature of the dust-removing skeleton made of different raw materials can be connected for a long time. If the temperature is higher than that of the dust-removing bag cage, the dust-removing bag cage will be damaged quickly.

2. Humidity

The moisture content of the gas is related to its dew point. The moisture content is high, the dew point is also high, and it is easy to dew in the bag filter, so that the dust is easy to be taught on the skeleton of the dust bag cage and affects the cleaning effect. If the precipitator is often operated up and down the dew point, the temperature is sometimes higher than the dew point, sometimes below the dew point, and the dust bag cage becomes brittle and prone to damage. Another important issue is that if the bag filter is operated under conditions of high temperature and considerable moisture, some of the dust bag cages will be quickly damaged by hydrolysis. Detailed description of the properties of the working conditions required to select the skeleton of the dust bag cage

3. Chemical composition

If the dust-containing gas treated by the bag filter contains acid, alkali or organic solvent, Dust bag cages resistant to the corrosion of these materials should be used separately. If the hot gas is treated with a certain amount of oxygen or oxidized dust, some dust bag cages are easily damaged. Sulfur in the gas wounds will greatly increase the dew point.

4, flammability and blasting possibility

If the dusty air contains hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, acetylene and other flammable gases or grains, aluminum and other dusts reach a certain concentration scale, A violent explosion will occur in the event of a fire. In this case, a flame-retardant dust-removing bag cage capable of eliminating static electricity and a corresponding dust-removing cloth bag should be selected.

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