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Explain the work efficiency of high temperature filter bags and some maintenance knowledge

Filter bag is bag dusting The critical part of the operation of the machine, usually the cylindrical filter bag is suspended vertically in the dust collector. The fabric and planning of the filter bag should be as efficient as possible for efficient filtration, easy dust removal and durability. In pulse and air box type pulse dust collectors, dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. When the dust-laden gas passes through the dust collector, the dust is trapped in the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas passes through the filter material and enters the inside of the filter bag. The cage inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag to prevent the filter bag from falling, and it helps to remove and re-distribute the dust cake.

If the filter bag is used in the process, the wind speed of the filter is relatively high, which will directly lead to the damage of the bag. The filter bag is designed to save equipment costs during the manufacturing process. Increase its profit and increase its filtered wind speed during the planning process. The poor quality filter bag has no response in the user's application in a relatively short period of time, but this will shorten the service life of the filter bag, so that the customer does not save money, but brings a relatively large economic burden and waste. Time.

The filtrate head of the liquid filter bag is singulated to prevent the fiber from escaping from the contaminated filtrate, and can prevent the filter from being excessively blocked and shortening the life of the filter bag. The raw material is white, not bleached and dyed, and conforms to environmental regulations. Because the three-dimensional filter layer of the needle felt makes the liquid flow through the liquid filter bag, the particles will stay in the outer wall and deep layer of the liquid filter bag due to the deep filtration mechanism. Solid or colloidal particles have higher capture efficiencies. The uniform thickness and stable opening ratio and strength of the needle felt make the efficiency of the liquid filter bag stable and long. The five-wire double needle is a relatively tight sewing process, high temperature filter bag is intended to allow each liquid filter bag to Reach the filter specification. More application, suitable for liquid filtration in various industries.

Cleaning method:

1. Gas cleaning: Gas cleaning is performed by means of high pressure gas or external atmospheric backflushing filter bags to remove dust from the filter bag. Gas cleaning includes pulsed spray cleaning, reverse blow cleaning and back suction cleaning.

2, mechanical rapping and cleaning: divided into top rapping and graying and central rapping and cleaning (both for filter bags), which are periodically oscillated by means of mechanical rapping devices. Drain the filter bag to remove dust from the filter bag.

3, manual hit: is to manually beat each filter bag to remove the dust on the filter bag.

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