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Several ways to link dust bag cages to perforated plates

Dust bag cage We should also compare I understand that although it is a small accessory. But it also plays a very important role. So how do we connect the dust bag cage?

There are many ways to connect the dust bag cage (skeleton) to the multi-well plate, which can be summarized as follows:

Dust bag cage expansion ring. It uses the upper end of the structure as the elastic expansion ring, and the structure is fixed on the annular groove of the waist of the venturi by the contraction force of the expansion ring. When the device is installed, the filter bag mouth is folded inward between the groove of the venturi tube and the convex portion of the expansion ring, and then clamped by the clamp. This method is simple in structure, but the loading and unloading is relatively troublesome.

2, dust bag cage spring fixed. The structure of the method is formed on the upper mouth into an inwardly protruding annular table. Under the dust collector, the box body is provided with a plurality of rows of spring retainers and springs corresponding to the filter bags, and a spring spring seat is arranged on the bottom plate of the structure. When the device is placed, the structural spring is pressed against the spring, and the upper end is aligned with the venturi, and then the structure is placed on the venturi tube, and then the filter bag is tied. This structure is simple and reliable.

3, dust bag cage screw type. The screw-type connection is threaded on both the upper and lower slings, and the upper and lower slings can be aligned and tightened when the device is installed. This connection method is good in sealing and stable. The disadvantage is that if it is made of steel, it is easy to rust, it is difficult to disassemble, and the structure is easily broken. If it is made of plastic, it will not present these problems, but regardless of the material, the threading fit should be appropriate, otherwise it is easy to drop or the device is difficult.

4, dust bag cage shaft plug-in type. It is a connection method used by the MC type pulse bag type dust collector. The filter bag and the dust bag cage (skeleton) are inserted and withdrawn from the perforated plate. The structure is fixed by four pressure plates and compression bolts, each pressing two adjacent structures. When the structure is pulled out or inserted, the platen can be rotated by 90° after loosening the bolt. This connection method has no structural resistance and is easy to operate.

5, dust bag cage four-point bayonet type. It has a plug and a socket. The plug is attached to the structure, the socket is fixed to the perforated plate or processed by a venturi.

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