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Summary the cleaning process of the dust bag and the importance of its cleaning

Dust bag is generally called filtering Dust bags, dust bag bags, dust bags, dust bags, dust bags, dust collector bags, etc., can be described as the heart of the bag filter. The dust bag is a key part of the operation of the bag filter. Generally, the cylindrical dust bag is suspended vertically in the dust collector.

The primary process for cleaning the bag of the dust collector:

1. Soaking the drug: soak the bag with the appropriate chemical agent to remove the oil stains in the gap of the bag, and increase the bag with a large limit. Breathable function.

2, cleaning: select the appropriate washing material and strictly match. Low-temperature water cleaning, uniform water flow, moderate strength, no mechanical damage to the bag.

3, quality inspection packaging: completely cleaned qualified bags after passing strict quality inspection, packaging and packaging, post inspection certificate, shipped to the designated warehouse for delivery.

4, cleaning: use high-frequency sensation, remove the large dust particles entering the wall of the bag, do not affect the entanglement fastness of the fiber, keep the bag good, dirt Easy to strip.

5, chemical test treatment: extraction of bag samples, the use of professional equipment testing and testing the oil components of the bag, so that the choice of suitable washing materials, a large degree of cleaning cloth bags without any harm to the bag.

6. Drying: Use hot air drying at about 110 degrees Celsius to maintain the dimensional stability of the bag. After drying, the bag does not deform and does not retract.

7. Correction: Correction of damaged bags due to wear and tear during use, ensuring high reuse rate. For damaged bag accessories, you can choose to seek cooperation from suppliers to replace them.

8. Detection: Select the instrument to perform physical target inspection on the cleaned bag to ensure that the cleaning quality meets the requirements.

The wider the scale distribution of the dust bag, the larger the difference in particle size, and the less easy the filtration, so it needs to be improved by pretreatment. The shape of the particle: the shape of the particle has an important influence on its appearance. A simple way to express the shape of a practical particle is to compare it to a sphere. That is to say, the concept of the equivalent ball should be extended to the expression of the area and volume of the particle.

Product ratio: The appearance of a solid has various properties such as adsorption, catalytic action, adhesion and wettability due to its chemical structure and geometric structure.

The ratio of the outer surface of a solid particle to its volume is called the specific surface product. The dust-removing skeleton can be used to evaluate the above characteristics of the solid appearance, such as diatomaceous earth, which is a good filter aid because it is larger than the outer surface. The factors affecting the service life of the dust bag are as follows: the improper use of the dust bag; the quality of the dust bag; the filtration gas velocity; the dust load; the dust component; the dust characteristics; the cleaning method; the cleaning frequency; the system startup and shutdown times; maintenance work.

The dust bag is the heart of the bag filter. Generally, it is a dust bag or a dust bag. The dust bag is a key part of the bag filter operation. Generally, the cylindrical dust bag is suspended vertically in the dust collector. The use of dust bag is a large part of the cost of repairing the dust collector, and can be as high as 70% of the repair cost. The basic conditions are wear, burnout, corrosion, and the like.

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