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Describe the steps of the silicone skeleton spraying process and its selection requirements

Silicone skeleton is a special framework for desulfurization and dedusting of power plants. The product uses carbon steel of sufficient strength. Or stainless steel wire, special equipment is used for welding once, galvanized on the outside to avoid rust, and the machine silicon dust removal frame is widely used in high temperature and high corrosion environment.

A. Immerse the finished bag cage into the degreasing tank for 15 minutes with the intention of removing the oil from the outer surface of the bag cage.

B. Remove the bag from the degreasing tank and put it into the washing tank for immersion cleaning, in order to remove the degreaser on the bag.

C. Remove the bag from the cleaning tank and put it into the descaling tank for descaling. The intention is to remove the metal oxide layer on the bag cage and enhance the adsorption force.

D. Remove the cage bone from the descaling tank and put it into the phosphating tank for phosphating, in order to enhance the adhesion of the outer surface of the bag cage.

E. Put the processed bag in the oven, set the temperature to $2100 °C, and dry for 20-30 minutes, in order to remove the water from the bag cage and insist on the boring of the bag body. .

F. Remove the bag cage and spray the prepared silicone evenly on the outside of the bag cage. The coating thickness is from 60 μm to 100 μm.

G. Place the sprayed bag in the oven at a temperature of $2220 °C for 120 minutes. After that, stick to $2200 °C for 30 minutes of heat setting. The bag cage is naturally cooled, and the bag cage silicone spraying process is completed.

If the spacing between the silicone skeletons is too close, not only will the above problems occur, but also the airflow in the tank will rise too fast, the silicone bag will cause the dust emission to be added, and the filter will be partially filtered. The load is too high and the cleaning power is insufficient. According to experience, the marginal spacing between the filter bag and the filter bag should be based on the length of the filter bag, and the airflow ascending speed is considered to be at least 2/5 (not less than 40 mm) of the diameter of the filter bag. In the above example, the number of filter bags on the blow pipe should be reduced from 16 to 14. The length of each bag is added to 6.9M, the spacing of the blow holes is increased to 280MM, and the filter area and casing size of the dust collector are unchanged. . This design is more reasonable and reliable. The appearance of the silicone skeleton is treated by anti-corrosion treatment, electroplating, spray coating or painting according to different requirements. For high temperature, the anti-corrosion treatment should meet the requirements of operating temperature.

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