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Analy how to extend the service life of the dust skeleton

Use the dust removal skeleton in the duster bag , it needs to be used together with the dust filter bag to achieve outstanding results and become the filter unit of the product. Under normal circumstances, the dust filter bag is gradually worn, the primary cause of wear is the grinding force of the dust, the deformation of the bag caused by the high temperature and the corrosion of the chemical substance. When the grinding force of the dust is strong, the bottom of the dust filter bag is worn. Severe, increased system capacity causes increased filtration speed and accelerates wear and tear.

The dust-removing skeleton is the support of the bag filter. If the quality of the dust-removing skeleton is not good, it will affect the life of the bag filter. Moreover, if the dust skeleton has burrs, it will simply cause damage to the dust filter bag. Therefore, daily maintenance and maintenance of the dust skeleton is very important. So how can we extend the life of the dust skeleton?

1. Appropriate filter data: according to the temperature, temperature and chemical characteristics of the gas; the size, composition, shape, honing and dust concentration, filtration speed, cleaning method, discharge concentration And the working system of the bag filter is considered comprehensively.

2. Reasonable structure: It should be satisfied with the requirements of filtration and cleaning of the bag filter matched with it, and it is convenient to install and securely sealed. It seeks corresponding filtering area and excellent filtering state, and is easy to clean. And try to avoid wear and tear. It is reasonable to cooperate with related components.

3. Sewing skills: The sewing scale meets the planning requirements, and the heat shrinkage scale is reserved according to the filter material type and the use temperature. The stitch length of the stitch is reasonable, no jump stitches, broken wires, and the stitches meet the requirements. The mating is reasonable, and the dust filter bag is damaged without burr or breakage.

4. Proper use: Ensure that the bag of the dust collector is operated under the conditions it is used to. If the condition changes, switch to bypass or empty immediately to prevent the bag from being empty. The number causes a suffocating effect.

5. Correct dust cleaning method: When the cloth bag is in use, the dust area will gradually increase and the pressure difference will rise. It should be used to clean the dust and block the dust, so that the pressure difference in the bag surface is kept at the setting. In the range.

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