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How do we use the dust filter bag properly

The proper use of dust filter bags is also the key to longevity

1. Correct device

Correct and serious device, prohibiting the ash from being damaged due to improper installation inside the flower plate or filter bag. It is forbidden to cause secondary pollution when the dust filter bag device is not cleaned internally.

(1) The mouth of the bag and the mouth of the plate should be firmly sealed and fixed.

(2) The dust filter bag is suspended straight under the perforated plate.

(3) Adjacent dust filter bags do not bump each other.

(4) The dust filter bag is in good cooperation with the structure and the structure conforms to the standard.

(5) When the filter bag is replaced, make sure the plate is clean.

2. Device method for internal filter dust filter bag

(1) The top end of the dust filter bag is equipped with a bag cap and suspended by the hanging device on the beam of the dust collector. The mouth and the flower board should be sealed and fixed firmly.

(2) The filter bag device should adjust the tension to the specified value so that the filter bag does not loosen and fall during filtration and backflushing, and is adjusted once after several days of use.

(3) The accessories (anti-smashing ring) in the filter bag work together correctly, and all accessories should not have burrs and breaks.

3. Viewing at runtime

To achieve reliable cleaning, the filter bag is in use, the dust area is gradually increased, the pressure difference is increased, and it should be cleaned, The dust is blocked, so that the pressure difference in the filter bag surface is kept within the set scale, and the excessive cleaning pressure to spray will greatly reduce the service life of the filter bag.


Avoid sudden abnormal situations. When the bag filter is in operation, avoid sudden abnormal conditions, such as sudden increase in gas temperature and entry of corrosive gases. The gas temperature suddenly drops below the dew point, etc., to avoid damage due to the acceptance of the ultra-filter bag due to factors such as temperature, humidity, chemical corrosiveness, mechanical wear or impact.

5. Repair of equipment

If the dust filter bag is damaged, it should be found and replaced in time. Observe the pressure difference of the bag filter, the working condition of the cleaning system, and the process conditions. Changes, etc., if there is an accident, the fault should be eliminated in time to adjust the working condition of the bag filter to ensure the smooth production.

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