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Explain the correct installation steps of the bag cage and understand its spray process

BagsIt is a special welding equipment for one-time welding. It is characterized by strong welding and good appearance. It is easy to use. Let's take a closer look at how to properly install the bag cage:

1. Lightly when the bag cage device Take it lightly, don't allow it to be thrown, don't drag it on the ground, etc., so as not to damage the silicone spray and interface snap ring on the surface of the bag cage.

2, the bag cage is the upper, middle and lower sections. When the device is used, the two people should cooperate. First, put the next section into the filter bag carefully. When the length is certain, put the steel bar into the bag cage, then Use steel bars to hang the lower pockets on the panels.

3. After docking the upper and lower pockets, check whether the docking is secure and whether the latch is inserted into the pinhole.

4. The entire bag cage frame is gradually inserted into the filter bag, and it is not allowed to quickly impact the bottom of the bag. If there is abnormal blockage, it is necessary to find out the cause and then insert it.

5. Check the touch of the bag head cover and the flower board. The touch of the head cover and the flower board should be excellent. If there is a large looseness, you should carefully check the reason.

The above is the correct method of the bag cage device, hoping to help us better understand the bag cage, in addition, the demand reminds us that it should be handled gently during the bag cage transfer process to prevent The bag cage is deformed.

The use of bag cages is now more important in many hours, because people know that it is not so deep, so today we will come up with some tips on its production. Let's briefly answer the doubts in my heart. I hope that we can operate better at the time of production. Let's take a look at the spray process and let us briefly explain what steps it has.

shou first: Immerse the finished bag cage into the degreasing tank for 15 minutes, in order to remove the oil on its surface;

Step 2: Take it out of the degreasing tank And put it into the cleaning tank for immersion cleaning, remove the above degreaser;

The third step: take the bag from the cleaning tank, put it into the descaling tank for derusting, remove the metal Oxide layer to enhance adsorption;

Step 4: Remove it from the descaling tank and place it in a phosphating bath for phosphating to enhance the adhesion of the surface;

Step 5: Put the processed into the oven, set the temperature to 100 ° C, dry for 20-30 minutes, remove the water, keep the body dry;

Step 6 : Take it out and spray the prepared silicone evenly on the surface. It is necessary to pay attention to the thickness of the coating from 60μm to 100μm;

Step 7: Place the sprayed bag cage Into the oven, the temperature is set to 220 ° C, for 120 minutes of baking, then 200 ° C, for 30 minutes of heat setting;

Step 8: remove the dust collector skeleton to make Between natural cooling, to complete the bag cage of the silicone coating process, the silicone strong adhesive thickness 60-70μm.

After the above steps, we will use them to make better use of the bag cage after we have made certain understandings. If you have any needs to know, please call us.

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