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Explain what is the dust bag cage and how to analyze its quality and quantity

Do we want to know about our company dust bag cage? Then don't miss the following content. Now Xiaobian will give us a specific explanation of what is the dust bag cage?

The bag cage skeleton is also called the dust cage bone. It is welded once by special equipment. The dust removal skeleton is the rib of the filter bag. The quality of the dust cage bone directly affects the working condition and service life of the filter bag.

Features of galvanized dust bag cage: welding is strong, the surface is smooth and clean, the application is light, easy to install and protect. Dust cage bone specifications: round, oval, flat, envelope, and other structures customized according to customer requirements.

Dust bag material: high quality cold drawn steel wire, stainless steel wire and so on. Dust bag cage structure: There are reasonable structures such as multi-section, venturi, and protection short pipe.

Dust bag cage, dust cage bone surface treatment: galvanized, sprayed, anti-corrosion treatment, surface silicone spray.

Each bag cage made by our company can meet the requirements of light, smooth and straight.

The dust removal effect of equipment equipped with bag cages is related to many factors, but it depends mainly on this product. The dust bag cage of the bag filter is synthetic fiber, natural fiber or fiberglass weaving. Formed cloth or felt. Sewing the cloth or felt into a cylinder or flat shape on the dust bag cage skeleton as needed.

We all know that the dust collector is inseparable from the dust bag cage. What is the quality and quantity of the bag cage? Let us introduce it below.

1. The quality of the bag cage: the quality of the dust-removing skeleton is reflected in the welding quality in the welding. No matter how many times of transportation and kneading, some of the dust-removing skeletons will not appear the appearance of welding. attack.

2. The material used for the dust-removing skeleton is steel wire welding. It is used, corrosion-resistant, and has small deformation. After welding, the verticality is high. The anti-corrosion method of the dust-removing skeleton is stable, and the intentional choice of the use environment extends the lifespan without increasing the cost.

3, the amount of bag cage: the profit of the dust skeleton is largely sold.

4, the modern processing skills of the dust-removing skeleton of the dust bag cage can not only ensure the quality of the dust-removing skeleton, but also mass-produce the dust-removing skeleton in a short time. The dust-removing skeleton is profitable and profitable. Most rely on a lot of supply.

The above is the quality and quantity information of the dust bag cage introduced for you. I hope to provide you with some assistance. Thank you for your reading. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. .

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