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Talk about the selection of high temperature filter bags before selecting filter cloth

High Temperature Filter Bag<>Before you choose the filter cloth, you need to do more than just select the filter cloth.

Before choosing the filter cloth, you should not only choose the filter cloth, but also understand its advantages and disadvantages.

Selection criteria and methods. The selection of filter cloth should consider the following aspects:

The physicochemical stability of the filter cloth data. According to the physical and chemical properties of the mud, select the appropriate filter cloth data. When selecting the filter cloth, the physical and chemical functions of the filter cloth should be considered, including application temperature, tensile deformation function, chemical stability, solubility or expansion, acid and alkali resistance.

    Mechanical function. The mechanical functions of the filter cloth, such as tensile strength, abrasion resistance, elongation and elasticity, should be selected according to the type of filter cloth. Filtering equipment such as belt vacuum filter, filter cloth step filter press, and folding drum vacuum filter require the filter cloth to have a good stretching function. The tensile function of the filter cloth commonly used in China, the box filter press and the plate filter press filter cloth require a certain degree of elasticity and deformation, and the elongation and crack elongation reflect their deformation ability. The scraper filter cake filter cloth, plate frame filter press and chamber filter press all require good wear resistance. Wear resistance of domestic filter cloth.

    Preparation before filter cloth selection. Before selecting the filter cloth, the requirements should be specifically understood in terms of the type of material in the solid-liquid separation production process, the purpose of separation, the production ability, and the type of filtration, so as to select a suitable filter cloth. However, due to different functional indicators, it is difficult to select a suitable filter cloth with good function. In many cases, the selection of filter cloths is usually based on criteria that are considered by each other.

Filtering requirements. Know whether recycling solids to discard liquids, liquids to discard solids, or both; filter cake content and transparency requirements; and whether waste is required for disposal.

Characteristics of solid particles in the mud. Such as particle size, particle size distribution scale, solid particle compressibility, particle shape, solid solid density, and the like.

The nature of the liquid in the feed. Such as viscosity, density, pH, redox, solubility to organic matter, temperature, and the like.

Characteristics of the mud. Such as viscosity, density, concentration (solid-liquid ratio), particle dispersion and the like.

Filter type. The type of filter is determined based on the specific conditions of production, investment, and area of use.

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