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Several steps to explain how to install and replace the dust bag.

Correctly replace the dust bag:

Pick up the open end of the dust bag and keep the remaining dust bag, put the folded filter bag into the sleeve and pass through the flower plate. After opening the dust bag under the flower board, place the top of the duster bag and place the grooved spring ring on the cuff of the flower board.

Let the weight of the filter bag itself gradually fix, let the metal ring protrude from the top of the dust bag, install the sleeve in the hole of the disk. Then use both hands to firmly grasp the spring ring, with both hands The spring coil is pressed into the shape of the "C". At the same time, the spring ring adheres to the "C" shape, and the grooved projectile is placed while the grooved projectile is placed, and the side of the spring coil rises to the near flower board. The margin of the hole. One hand grasps the side of the mounted "C" type of spring ring, and the other hand grasps the "C" shape on the margin of the faceplate.

Grab one end of the "C" ring with one hand and gradually extend the other end to the other end of the spring coil. The groove of this ring is just embedded in the hole in the plate. If the circular circle is completely extended, the sound of "啪" cannot be heard, and the spring ring is pushed back to the inside of the plate, and the mother's finger is used to form the spring ring. The slot fits exactly into the hole in the faceplate.

Generally speaking, it is time to hear "咔嚓" sound, otherwise the stretch coil will twist from another position to the "C&" shape. The spring ring is higher than the disk and the above device steps are repeated.

Put the dust-proof frame into the dust bag, and the device must gradually put the frame into the dust bag. If the resistance is great, it must be pulled back, then gently put down, if the resistance is still large, then the operation can be repeated until the margin of the dust bag skeleton is very simple, the frame is strictly restrained, to ensure the filter bag seal and disk The surface seal is outstanding.

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