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Dust skeleton
Dust skeleton

Dust skeleton is bag dusting One of the primary accessories that is not missing, it can be compatible with six, eight, ten, twelve, sixteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty-four ribs. The role of the dust skeleton is very large and is widely used in Metallurgy, chemical industry, coking, power generation, colored exercise, steel, building materials, coal mines and other occupations.

The dust collector skeleton is referred to as the bag skeleton and the dust-removing skeleton. It is also called the dust-removing frame, the filter cage, the bag cage, and the dust-removing bag skeleton. It is a bag filter assembly that is formed by one-time welding with special equipment. The post-treatment is through the appearance. Galvanized or spray-coated, other coatings can be applied to the exterior according to different working conditions of customers.

The company specializes in producing flat frames of dust collectors of various specifications, consolidating pressure resistance, lubricating without burrs, and forming at one time. It is also possible to do the skeleton silicone treatment according to the requirements of the other party. Praised by the vast users.

The dust-removing skeleton is light and easy to install and maintain. The quality of the dust-removing skeleton directly affects the filtration condition and service life of the filter bag. The electric dust removal accessory uses a high-voltage direct current electric field to charge the dust particles in the dust-containing gas. Under the action of the electric field force, it is deposited on the surface of the sedimentation pole, and then acts as a squeezing force to make the flakes fall into pieces. Into the equipment, so that the flue gas passing through the electrostatic precipitator is purified and reaches the environmental emission standard, which is an ideal equipment for industrial waste gas purification such as thermal power generation, metallurgy and non-ferrous metals. On the basis of summing up the production experience for many years, we continue to draw on advanced technologies at home and abroad. Production of dust collection equipment for coal-fired power plants.


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