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Dust bag cage
Dust bag cage

Dust bag cage is optional The equipment is welded once and is characterized by strong welding, bright and straight surface, good straightness and convenient operation. Because the dust-removing skeleton made of different materials can withstand different temperatures for a long time, if the application temperature is higher than that of the dust-removing bag cage, the dust-removing bag cage will be damaged quickly.

Introduction to Dust Bags:

Specifications: Various round cages, elliptical cages, segmented cages, flat cages and trapezoidal cages

Raw materials: Made of high quality carbon steel wire, electrogalvanized wire, high quality stainless steel wire.

Product application: widely used in metallurgy, building materials, power generation, chemicals, food, waste incinerators and other occupations.

The dust bag cage is an indispensable accessory in the dust collector. When purchasing the dust bag cage, in addition to understanding the product size, it is necessary to know the working conditions and field performance parameters in detail in order to select the appropriate one. The dust bag cage skeleton product improves the life of the product and achieves the ideal dust removal effect. According to temperature, humidity, chemical composition, flammability and possibility of explosion.


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