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Stainless steel skeleton is divided into two sections
Stainless steel skeleton is divided into two sections

The stainless steel skeleton is divided into two sections, a new type of Stainless steel bag cage filtering equipment has been widely used in the filtration profession. Today I will introduce the classification and characteristics of the two-section skeleton of the stainless steel skeleton.

The skeleton is divided into two types according to its function, which supports the skeleton and maintains the skeleton. The difference between the two structures is mainly the difference in wall thickness, and the size and number of dense holes are different.

1. Support skeleton (inner skeleton)


(1) According to the strength and pressure received by the filter element, the custom skeleton wall is thicker.

(2) A small hole is uniformly distributed on the wall.

(3) Metal materials (or special materials).

(4) Metal materials are stainless steel or sprayed and galvanized.

2. Maintain the skeleton (external skeleton)


(1) The skeleton wall is thin (usually 0.3-0.5mm).

(2) The aperture is larger.

(3) Generally made of steel or aluminum. (The oil filter is used more).

Every structure we make meets the requirements of lightness, lubrication and stroke. The structure is the rib of the filter bag, which should be light and easy to install and maintain; the lubrication and pen will keep the filter bag from damage.

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