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Stainless steel bag cage
Stainless steel bag cage

Ningxia Jinke Environmental Protection Filter Co., Ltd. gives you detailed knowledge and details about stainless steel bag cages, Ningxia Jinke Environmental Protection Filter Co., Ltd. is committed to developing new and efficient environmental management technologies, promoting clean and environmentally friendly technologies in the industrial sector, conducting environmental management from pollution sources, and developing pollution management technologies that are accustomed to various messy conditions to meet the different needs of the market.

The company has excellent processing equipment and innovative process equipment and environmental management planners. It can plan the dust removal system of various messy conditions, instead of simply carrying out the so-called "equipment selection". From the aspects of the rationality of the system, the innovation of technology, and the economics of input and output, we plan the dust removal equipment that is accustomed to the conditions of various industrial pollution sources, so that the emission indicators are at or below the standard.

Excellent equipment, strong technical force, advanced production technology, rich experience in dust collector production, sound management and perfect ISO quality assurance system, complete testing means, completely guarantee the quality of products And product features. Advantages of the chemical plant bag filter: The dust collector resistance is significantly lower than the normal value. Check the following: to remove moisture and dust from the equipment. At the same time before the dust collector stops working

The chemical plant bag filter structure type: First, according to the shape of the filter bag: flat bag (trapezoidal and flat) and round bag (cylindrical). Second, according to the way of entering and exiting the wind: divided into the wind on the wind and the wind and the direct wind (only limited to flat plate). Each room has 84 filter bags () moisture in the flue gas. When operating at high temperature, when the moisture content of the dust in the flue gas exceeds %, the dust will easily stick to the bag and block the bag. If the anti-hydrolysis function of the data is not high, the hydrolysis will damage the filter material. .



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