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hanging spring
hanging spring

The planned temperature of the hanging spring should be selected as follows:

1. Directly with the pipeline, The equipment is welded or welded and welded and the components on the backing plate. The planned temperature selection should meet the following requirements:

a. The temperature of the component connected to the unlined insulation pipe or equipment; p>

b, 95% of the temperature of the medium connected to the unlined non-insulated pipe or equipment;

c, the components connected to the lined pipe or equipment Practice pipe wall temperature;

2. The pipe clamp outside the insulation layer should take the surface temperature of the thermal insulation layer. The island insulation pipe can be calculated at 60 °C. For the cold insulation pipeline, the ambient dew point temperature should be selected + 2 °C; /p>

3. Born in buildings or structures The construction should select the ambient temperature;

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