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Stainless steel spring clamp
Stainless steel spring clamp

Stainless steel spring clamps are used A type of clamp for SPRING or WIRE FORM.

According to the use of the spring, the stainless steel spring clamps required for the springs are of various types, such as the stainless steel spring clamps that require lower mattress springs (referred to as mattress clamps). ), stainless steel spring clamps for shock absorbers, stainless steel spring clamps for suspension springs, stainless steel spring clamps for engine valves, and stainless steel spring clamps for camera shutters.

The springs can be divided into static springs and dynamic springs depending on the operating conditions. Static springs refer to springs with limited number of oscillations during service, such as safety valve springs, spring pads, weighing pan springs, fixed load springs, mechanical springs, watch springs, etc.

Dynamic springs refer to springs that have been oscillated for more than 1×106 times during service, such as engine valve springs, vehicle suspension springs, anti-vibration springs, coupling springs, elevator buffer springs, etc. . When considering the static spring retaining material, the tensile strength and stability should be considered first. When selecting the dynamic spring retainer, the fatigue, relaxation and resonance functions should be considered first.

The springs can be classified into light loads, general loads and heavy loads depending on the load conditions.

Light load refers to a spring that accepts static stress, has low stress, and has a small amount of deformation, such as a spring for safety equipment, and a tension spring for absorbing oscillation. The planned service life is 103 to 104 times.

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