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Medium temperature special needle felt dusting bag
Medium temperature special needle felt dusting bag

Medium Temperature Mete Needle Felt Dust Bag Product Description: This product uses glass fiber base cloth and chemical fiber mixed needle Stinged.

The product has good wear resistance and tensile strength. The normal operating temperature is 150 ° C and the short time is 180 ° C. It is suitable for soot filtration occupation with suitable temperature, high soot concentration and high filtration requirements.

The general working temperature of polyester needle felt dust filter bag, dust bag and dust bag can only reach 130 °C. If the working temperature exceeds 130 °C for a long time, the strength will be lost a lot. A large shortening is produced, and the size of the dust filter bag, the dust bag, and the dust bag are changed, thereby affecting the filtering effect.

Our company uses a special process to produce the special needle felt, which is made of glass fiber woven fabric as base fabric, and is matched with high-quality polyester (polyester), heat-resistant fiber, PPS, acrylic and other fibers. The dust filter bag, the dust bag and the dust bag have the characteristics of high cracking strength, small crack elongation, small heat shortening rate, moderate temperature resistance, satisfactory working temperature requirements of 150 ° C ~ 170 ° C, and normal temperature filter materials are not satisfactory. The need to use high-temperature filter materials is too wasteful, which can greatly reduce operating costs.

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