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Acrylic Needle Felt Dust Filter Bag
Acrylic Needle Felt Dust Filter Bag

Acrylic Needle Felt Dust Filter Bag >It is the use of non-woven acupuncture skills, using acrylic fiber to interweave and arrange fine fiber cloth with uniform vacancies. The surface is treated by hot rolling and singeing, so that its appearance is smooth and smooth, and it is not easily blocked by dust. Large vacancy, good ventilation, strong chemical stability, not only can filter normal temperature gas, but also filter medium temperature gas (150 ° C) is the choice of filter materials for acid and alkali corrosive gas conditions.

Sewing of Acrylic Needle Felt Dust Filter Bag: The material of the bag stitching should be the same as the material of the filter material under normal conditions.

In special cases, when using sutures that are different from the material of the dust filter material, the strength, heat resistance and chemical resistance of the suture should be better than the suture of the same material as the filter material.

The longitudinal seam of the bag body needs to be strong and straight, and not less than three. The bottom of the bag and the mouth of the bag can be sutured with a single needle or a double needle according to different requirements. The stitching of the filter bag is related to the material of the filter bag. In addition to ensuring the tightness of the stitching and the strength of the stitching, the dust of the filter itself is not damaged. After selecting the shape of the filter material used in the bag and determining the standard of the filter bag, the following items should be noted during the processing:

(1) Accurately plan the standard of the filter cloth required for each part of the filter bag, filter The cloth is used in a larger amount than the planning standard;

(2) Accurately select the accessories of the required filter bag, determine its standard and check its quality; the relevant dust removal accessories should match the quality requirements of the filter bag.

(3) The filter bag draws, cuts, picks, and sews on the automatic production line. When the filter bag is processed, it should be turned over on the operation platform and applied with a certain pulling force. It is flat.

(4) The processing process must strictly implement the quality standards, according to the planning drawings and operating procedures. Operators should use the matching clothing and shoes and hats to stop smoking.

(5) The operator should act on the processed products in accordance with the principle of “good quality, promised to the highest”, and check one by one, destroying waste, debris and defective products at the source.

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