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Medium alkali expanded glass fiber filter material
Medium alkali expanded glass fiber filter material

The medium-alkali expanded glass fiber filter material is composed of crepe continuous weaving by a loom, which can be mainly divided into Two series of graphite treatment and silicone oil treatment can be used for a long time below 26 °C, and the ventilation function is more ambitious.

Because of its high temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, and easy to peel off dust, it is a filter material for high-temperature soot emission companies, especially suitable for dust collection in cement shaft kiln.

Medium-alkali expanded glass fiber cloth is a new type of high-efficiency filtration material developed on the basis of continuous medium-alkali glass fiber filter cloth. It differs from continuous medium-alkali glass fiber cloth in its weft yarn. It consists of medium-alkali glass fiber bulked yarn. Because of the fluffy yarn, high coverage and good gas permeability, it can improve the filtration efficiency and reduce the filtration resistance, making it suitable for high air volume and high concentration dust collection.

Glass fiber filter cloth is suitable for various bag type dust collectors with no skeleton internal filter backflushing (back suction) wind or shrink bag cleaning in the middle of the filter bag. The filtration speed is generally 0.5m/min. the following. If the speed is too high, it is easy to blow the filter bag or form a diafiltration. There are more implementations in the dust industry in the cement industry.

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