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Medium-alkali glass fiber filter material
Medium-alkali glass fiber filter material

Medium Alkali Fiberglass Filters High Temperature Filter Bags , because of its high temperature resistance, it can be used for a long time below 260 °C, and its price is relatively low, and its breathability is more ambitious. Therefore, it has been widely used in many occupations.

It has excellent corrosion resistance. At present, the commonly used medium-alkali glass fiber filter materials produced in China are divided into two types: alkali-free and medium-base. The alkali-free E medium alkali glass fiber filter material has high stability to water, humid air and weak alkali solution at room temperature, but is not resistant to acid and alkali corrosion of higher solubility.

The medium alkali fiber has good water resistance and acid resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to select glass fiber of different composition as a filter material according to the nature of the introduction, in order to play a better role.

The medium-alkali glass fiber filter material has a smooth appearance and low filtration resistance, which is beneficial to dust stripping. It does not burn or deform.

The glass fiber filter material is brittle, not resistant to folding, not wearable, and has some deformation after being pulled. Fiberglass fabrics that have not been chemically modified by external appearance cannot meet the requirements of high-temperature filter materials, so their performance depends to a large extent on the process, formulation and fabric structure of the exterior treatment.

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