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Easy-free expanded glass fiber filter material
Easy-free expanded glass fiber filter material

The alkali-free expanded glass fiber filter material is developed on the basis of continuous alkali-free glass fiber cloth. A new type of high-efficiency filtration material, which is different from continuous alkali-free glass fiber cloth in that its weft yarn is composed of alkali-free glass fiber bulked yarn. Because the yarn is fluffy, the coverage is high, and the gas permeability is good, so the filtration power can be increased and decreased. Filter resistance.

Because the alkali-free glass fiber itself has good alkali resistance, it can effectively capture the alkaline dust in the flue gas. At this moment, the filter material can effectively avoid the alkali-containing gas. Corrosive filter material to keep the equipment in normal operation.

Its excellent heat resistance. The glass fiber filter material treated by external chemical treatment can reach a temperature of 280 ° C, which is very suitable for dust removal engineering. Therefore, glass fiber is still an important high-temperature filtration material at present and for some time to come.

High strength and low expansion ratio. Its tensile strength is higher than other natural and synthetic fibers, and its elongation is only 2%-3%. This feature is sufficient to ensure the satisfactory tensile strength of the filter bag with its long aspect ratio. Strength and scale stability.

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