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E-glass fiber filter
E-glass fiber filter

High alkali glass cloth is used as a reinforcing material in production. This material is neither resistant to alkali corrosion nor resistant. Ageing. In fact, in the early 1990s, China had already banned the production and use of high-alkali glass fiber yarns and fabrics.

After repeated experiments and observations by relevant departments and enterprises, the high-alkali fiberglass cloth was powdered in the open-air environment of the roof for less than one year, and the glass fiber became fine powder and fluttered in the wind. In the air, it has been proved that the high alkali glass fiber cloth has extremely poor weather resistance, so it is replaced by an alkali-free glass fiber filter material.

The alkali-free glass fiber filter material is an excellent alkali-resistant filter material woven from the alkali-free glass fiber woven by the chemical treatment of the glass fiber yarn before weaving.

In the equipment room, if the alkali-containing glass fiber filter material does not have the alkali resistance function in the case of alkali-containing gas, it is simply corroded by the gas, and at this moment, the alkali-free function has no alkali. The alkali-free glass fiber cloth woven from glass fiber yarn can be thoroughly adapted to the soot-containing gas filtration without corrosion of

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