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P84 acid and alkali needle felt dusting bag
P84 acid and alkali needle felt dusting bag

P84 acid and alkali needle felt dust bag is INSPECFIBERS (polyacyl) produced by our company. Imine fiber), which is a high-efficiency filter material with high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance developed by other non-woven fabric production processes, is one of the few manufacturers that have independent development, planning and production of this filter material in China.

P84 filter material has a high temperature resistance function (can be used for a long time below 260 °C) and excellent chemical resistance. It has a very obvious filtering effect on the dusty gas of the acid and alkali. It has highlighted higher dust removal efficiency in the waste combustion industry.

P84 is cleaned by different external chemical treatments, and has the functions of easy cleaning, water and oil proof, anti-static and so on. Compared with the glass fiber filter, the high-temperature filter bag has obvious improvement in wear resistance, folding resistance and peeling degree, and can bear high filtration load and low running resistance.

Needle felt filter: It is a non-woven filter. On the basis of the base fabric, the highly fluffy and strong fiber web is needle-punched, and the three-dimensional structure of the fibers in the needle felt filter material is complicated by a complicated process, and the filtering effect of the structure is stable, which is favorable for the dust layer. In the formation, there is no straight-through space after filtration and cleaning.

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