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glass fiber needle felt dusting bag
glass fiber needle felt dusting bag

Glass fiber needle felt dust bag has the unique porosity and good permeability of ordinary felt filter cloth. High dust collection efficiency, long service life, etc., because of its moderate temperature resistance, * high up to 150 ° C, moderate acid and alkalinity and very good wear resistance, the use of felt filter material * large * a variety.

Glass fiber needle felt dust bag is a kind of high temperature resistant filter material with reasonable structure and good function. It not only has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stable scale and very low elongation and shrinkage. The strength of high strength, and the felt fiber bearing single fiber, three-dimensional microporous structure, high porosity, low gas filtration resistance, is a high-speed, high-temperature filter material.

Compared with other high temperature resistant fiber felts, it has low price, low running resistance, high filtration precision and high temperature resistance.

Glass fiber needle felt dust bag is suitable for high temperature flue gas filtration of steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement, chemical industry, etc.

Glass fiber needle felt dust cloth bag features:

1, glass fiber needle felt dust cloth bag selected glass fiber, fiber diameter 3.8-6um.

2. The felt top is reinforced with a base fabric to ensure dimensional stability.

3. The felt layer has a three-dimensional microporous structure, and the porosity is as high as 80%, and the filtration effect of 99.5% or more can be completed.

4. After treatment with polymer compound, it gives the filter felt excellent corrosion resistance, flex resistance and wear resistance.

5, high temperature resistance 260 ° C.

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