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Striped antistatic needle felt dusting bag
Striped antistatic needle felt dusting bag

Industrial dust after the concentration reaches a certain level (ie, the blasting limit), such as electrostatic discharge sparks or external incineration , it is very easy to cause blasting and fire. Such as: flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc., in case of electrostatic discharge, there is the possibility of blasting.

In the case of bag dust removal, if these dusts need to be collected with a cloth bag, it is required to make stripe antistatic needle felt dust bag]With anti-static function.

Our company absorbs and digests foreign technology and develops and produces anti-static needle-punched filter felts based on domestic blast furnace gas coal dust collection and cement mill coal dust collection and other occupational needs.

In addition to the process of producing ordinary needle felt, it is also required to mix conductive fiber or stainless steel conductive material into the chemical fiber of the needle felt to make the antistatic function more excellent. Antistatic needle felt.

The water and oil repellent effect is reflected in the following aspects: 1. The crosslinked film can resist chemical substances and further touch of the fiber, and can improve chemical resistance (ie, acid and alkali resistance);

2, can improve the oxidation resistance;

3, the saturated cross-linked membrane has water and oil repellency;

4, can prevent small particles of dust from further penetration and friction Fiber cross section;

5, can improve the filtration accuracy and facilitate the shedding of dust cake, reduce the running resistance;

6, increased fiber resistance and strength.

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