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Water and oil resistant needle felt dusting bag
Water and oil resistant needle felt dusting bag

Water and oil-proof needle felt dust bag is the heart of bag filter, commonly known as dust bag Dust filter bag, dust bag is the key part of the bag filter operation process, the world cylinder filter bag is vertically suspended in the dust collector.

Filter bag with waterproof and oil-proof filter cloth is used in places with large moisture content. Compared with ordinary filter bags, the filter bag is not easy to block the bag, so the service life of the bag is extended and the cleaning cycle is repeated. It can be extended and the flow of gas passing through is also increased, so that energy consumption and maintenance costs can be saved in a large amount.

Water-repellent and oil-proof polyester needle felt dust bag has both water resistance and oil resistance. Water-repellent and oil-proof needle felt dust bag is needle-punched by hydrophobic agent and oleophobic agent. Pre-bake and baking treatment. After being quickly dried, the hydrophobic agent and the oleophobic agent are attached to the surface of the filter fiber in a mesh shape, and then the surface tension of the water and the oil and the filter bag is lowered, so that the wet filter medium composed of water, oil and dust is not Will adhere to the surface of the filter bag and then avoid the paste bag phenomenon.

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