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Blend antistatic needle felt dusting bag
Blend antistatic needle felt dusting bag

Blended antistatic needle felt dust bag in addition to the process of producing ordinary needle felt dust bag, also requires The conductive fiber yarn is incorporated into the warp yarn of the base fabric from which the needle felt is produced or the conductive fiber or the conductive material is mixed in the chemical fiber. It is applied to the dust removal and filtration of blasting industrial dust. The anti-static dust bag is especially suitable for blast furnace gas, coal dust collection and coal mill dust collection in cement plants and other professional explosion-proof dust collection. It is an ideal choice for dust removal accessories that are now explosion-proof.

It works with a high-voltage corona discharge between the two poles, maintaining an electrostatic field sufficient to ionize the gas.

The electrons and anions and cations generated by gas ionization are adsorbed on the dust particles passing through the electric field to charge the dust particles. Under the effect of the electric field force, the charged dust is deposited on the electrodes by moving the opposite electrode. To achieve the purpose of dust and gas separation. The dust removal process can be divided into four stages:

(1) ionization of gas;

(2) dust is ionized and charged;

(3) The charged dust moves toward the electrode;

(4) Put the dust on the electrode into the ash bucket.

is the formation of a high voltage electric field that ionizes the air. The dust particles are charged and moved to the opposite electrode and assembled on the electrode under the effect of electric field force, which is the two basic effects of the dust collector. The fourth stage is to recover dust from the electrodes, and the dry type electrostatic precipitator uses the rapping method. These processes are complex and interrelated and cannot be separated.

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