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Polyester needle felt dusting bag
Polyester needle felt dusting bag

Polyester needle felt dust bag has the characteristics of ordinary felt filter cloth, high void, good breathability, set High dust efficiency and long service life. Its temperature resistance is moderate, it can reach 150°C in an instant, it is acid and alkali resistant, and it has very good wear resistance.

1. High-quality fiber, high-efficiency filtration, reducing emissions and running resistance.

1) The company selects high-quality fine fiber, adds filter material filtration area and reduces filtration space of filter material, which improves the filtration efficiency of filter material, reduces discharge concentration and running resistance.

2) Ningxia Jinke filter material is manufactured by international advanced German Autefa equipment, and the filter material is stable in function.

2. Filter material post-processing based on customer conditions.

Ningxia Jinke has different surface treatments or protective layers on the needle felt filter material according to the change of dust characteristics to meet the customer's demand for different working conditions.

3, the filter bag manufacturing is strictly in accordance with the standard, to ensure the product pass rate.

1) The saddle row pad (non-rubber ring) made of elastic ring and the same material filter material is used to prevent the rubber ring from aging at high temperature and the filter bag is dropped.

2) The stitching at the mouth of the bag is dislocated to ensure the tight fit of the bag mouth and the flower plate to prevent dust from leaking from the plate hole.

3) The needle spacing of the filter bag is 25±1, the filter bag has no drop and float, and the filter bag is indented to the strength & gt; 1000N.

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