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Polypropylene fiber needle felt
Polypropylene fiber needle felt

In addition to the advantages of general needle-punched filter felt, polypropylene fiber needle felt has a higher polypropylene than polyester fiber. More excellent acid resistance, alkalinity and lower softening point, so polypropylene fiber needle felt is generally used in the case of flue gas temperature below 100 ° C and high acidity or alkalinity or liquid and solidity range with large acidity and alkalinity. .

It can continue to operate at temperatures below 90 °C, good acid and alkali resistance

In terms of liquid filtration, polypropylene fiber needle felt filter bags are generally combined with plate and frame filter presses, vacuum Liquid suction and other equipment such as suction filter, bag filter and centrifugal filter are used.

It has the characteristics of good dimensional stability, high strength and long service life, so it also has the common advantages of low resistance and easy cleaning.

In the fields of mineral processing, coal preparation, petroleum, chemical industry, etc., where it is necessary to filter fine particles and ensure filtration, the polypropylene fiber needle felt is far superior to the traditional woven filter material.

Polypropylene needle-punched filter felt is mainly used in the liquid-solid separation of metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, medicine, food and other occupations.

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